Uncover the 6 Best Bodybuilding Food Plans

Learn the secrets behind bodybuilding!

Uncover the 6 Best Bodybuilding Food Plans

The fitness industry has grown considerably in the last few years. Bodybuilding is a big part of the fitness industry and many young athletes strive to have a career in bodybuilding or they just want to gain some muscle and look good on the beach. There are many different diets that assist in gaining muscle mass, a few examples are the Atkins new diet revolution, the South Beach diet, anabolic diet and many more. Look below and choose your bodybuilding food plan today!

The Atkins New Diet Revolution:

atkins diet
Robert C. Atkins is the founder of the Atkins new diet revolution. Not only is he the founder, he is also director of the Atkins Complimentary Medicine Institute in New York. This is a great thing for anyone trying to find a new diet to follow that has scientific proof behind it. It  is always good to know how well thought out the diet is. The Atkins diet is a low carb, high-fat diet, where there are no restrictions on the fats that are consumed.The diet starts with an introductory phase that normally ranges between 2 and 36 weeks. The introduction only allows you to consume 20 grams of carbs a day and consuming fruits, bread, pasta, grains, starchy vegetables or any dairy products will not be allowed. After the introductory phase, there are two more phases that follow where the main goal is to increase carbohydrate intake by 5g or 10g increments. Next up is the maintenance phase. Many diets dismiss the importance of controlling the intake of calories. Atkins believes in his diet that it is important to regulate the intake of calories and adjusting it for either weight gain or weight loss.

The South Beach Diet:

South Beach Diet
Associate professor of medicine at the Miami School of Medicine, Arthur Agatston, invented this diet. A professor that surely put some great thought into designing the South Beach diet. The purpose of this diet ensures that whoever follows this diet will get rid of their sugar addiction. The first fourteen days of the South Beach diet will consist of an induction phase. In this phase, you are sure to lose some weight, but for gaining muscle mass this is good to ensure you are gaining quality mass and not just gaining fat. Also in the first phase fruit, bread, pasta, and alcohol are prohibited. In the second phase low, GI fruits and starches will be allowed. Once the target weight has been reached you will, maintain the second phase.

The End Zone:

zone diet bodybuilding
Barry Sears developed the end zone diet to be based more on percentages that need to be taken in daily. This plan suggests that your diet needs to consist of 40% protein, 30%carbs, and 30% fats. The purpose of this diet is to control insulin levels and eicosanoids. In this diet, it is also seen that high-GI food causes obesity. In this diet, you have more control over how much macronutrients you get in and can gain quality muscle mass. Another positive about this diet is that it promotes the intake of fatty-acid which has many health benefits as well.

Very low-fat diets:

These diets have very low fats, high carbohydrates, and moderate protein intake. Very low-fat diets are primarily based on the intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, no fat dairy products and low quantities of sugar intake. Very low-fat diets are normally used by athletes and active individuals. If you are looking to build muscle mass, this diet would be perfect as you have only enough fats to fuel your workouts and gain some great muscle mass.

UD2 Diet:

This diet was created by Lyle McDonald and it has its limits. If you are male, you should not have a body fat of more than 15% and if you are female, you should not have a body fat of more than 22%. This diet starts with a catabolic/low-carbohydrate phase, to promote fat loss in the beginning and an anabolic/high-carbohydrate phase to rebuild and gain muscle mass. The first two days of this diet are low-carbohydrate days and are done in conjunction with high-intensity training with little rest in between. The third day of this diet is normally a repeat of day one and two, but there is no training done on this day. On day four, you will be consuming both low and high carbohydrate meals. During the day you will have low-carbohydrate meals and a high-carbohydrate meal before you have your workout. On this day, you are required to do a physically demanding workout. During day five, six and seven, you will do some heavy weight training and consume low-carbohydrate meals. You will not be training on day seven and that will be seen as your rest day.

The Anabolic Diet:

anabolic diet
The Anabolic diet requires one to carb-deplete during the weekdays. This means you will consume low carbs, high fats, and high protein meals. During the weekend you will be required to carb-load, which means you will consume high carb, moderate fat and low protein meals during those two days. This diet was developed by former world champion powerlifter Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale. This diet allows you to feed your muscles over the weekend and ensure you build quality muscle during the week.It is very important to eat long-lasting carbohydrates over the weekend. Because you will not be eating any carbs during the week. Carbs should give you energy during most parts of the week.  When carb depleting during the week, your muscles will consume all nutrients in the food eaten every weekend, making the absorption quality much better.


When looking at diets to meet your goals it is very important that you ensure you are following one that fits into your schedule and that is convenient and easy to follow. This will ensure you stay on the diet for longer and see the needed results.It is also important to ensure that the diet has the required result on your body; this might require you to test out diets and see if they work, before finding the perfect one. Make sure you understand the science behind each diet. Also look over each exercise done in conjunction with the diet to receive the desired results.
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