The Guide To Bodybuilding Competitions

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The Guide To Bodybuilding Competitions

Bodybuilding is the practice of increasing the muscles through intensive training. As a rule, various bodybuilding exercises are performed, which are aimed at a specific muscle group. Several organizations provide bodybuilding competitions nationwide. Joining a bodybuilding club is a common way to participate in these competitions.


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The main muscle groups targeted by the bodybuilding exercises include the chest muscles, the shoulders and the back of the upper body. The primary muscles of the arms are the biceps and the triceps, and the primary muscles of the leg are the quadriceps and thigh muscles. The abdominal muscles are the main muscle group for the trunk of the body.

Exercises that use a significant amount of weight with a small number of repetitions increase strength, while exercises that use a small amount of weight and a large number of repetitions increase resistance. Bodybuilding exercises usually fit in between these two extremes. Most bodybuilding training sets consist of 8 to 12 repetitions.

The rest period between sets is also an essential aspect of bodybuilding exercises. The ideal resting time between sets is usually about a minute. Larger muscle groups consume more oxygen and need more rest, while well-supplied muscle groups benefit from a shorter rest period.


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The International Bodybuilders Federation is currently the largest bodybuilding organization in the United States. It helps to Sponsor Mr / Mrs. Olympia Contests, the most important bodybuilding competition in the world. Other IFBB-sponsored competitions include the North American Championships and the world championships. Participants in these competitions must qualify through amateur IFBB events or get a special invitation.

The National Amateur Bodybuilding Association organizes amateur and professional competitions despite its name. The NABBA is based in England, and the main competition is the Mr. Universe Competition. Participants in the United States qualify for the Mr. Universe Contest through the United States National Championship.

The National Physique Committee is an amateur bodybuilding organization that organizes competitions at the state and national level. These competitions serve as qualification rounds for the IFBB race track. The NPC was founded in 1982 by the Amateur Athletic Union, which has no more matches.


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In general, taking part in a contest is the best way to start bodybuilding. Going to a match will give you an overview of the way these competitions take place. A bodybuilding club often provides its members with information about upcoming bodybuilding contests.

Experienced bodybuilders are also a good source of information for exercises and bodybuilding competitions. You can give internal advice to these competitions, which are not easy to get elsewhere. Professional bodybuilders usually train in a specific area in the same bodybuilding club.

Of course, you want your muscles to be in the best possible condition before the competition. So, you have to commit yourself to move and build muscle seriously. If you work for a competition, you cannot treat your bodybuilding efforts as a hobby. Instead, it would help if you focused on getting the results you want to be proud of while you're at this stage.

How To Make Your Muscles Stand Out

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If you are competing, you should have a nice dark tan that will make your muscles look better. You can opt for the traditional type of sunbed before the competition, or you can opt for a safer way by using a tanning spray to get the look you want. It would be best if you always chose to tan, because tanning beds are not skin-friendly and can cause severe damage, including increased skin cancer risk.

If you choose a spray on tan, you should consider doing it professionally to prevent streaks or runs. Make sure to practice long before the competition, so you know what's needed to make your tan look uniform and natural, rather than orange and veined. If you end up with stains or scratches, you can remove the scratches with Windex (or another blue window cleaner) and start over. Just make sure that you do not wait until the last minute to apply your tan in case of problems. Applying oil can also help your muscles stand out. However, you should check the rules of the particular bodybuilding competition you want to attend, as some competitions will not allow the use of oil.


In general, you should also choose the music for your posing routine. Choose something in which the audience feels encouraged and supported by you, and that works with your poses.


When it comes to clothing, you should choose something like a speedo suit or a bikini that will allow you to show off your muscles. Be sure to pick something that complements your skin tone and unfolds your body in full.

How To Pose

It is vital that you take time to learn how to pose and show your muscles correctly. In bodybuilding competitions, judges can only judge you by what they can see. It is therefore crucial that you learn to show your muscles in the best possible way. It is not uncommon for people to win competitions because they have better skills than other competitors with similar bodies.

The Eight Poses You Should know

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There are generally eight poses that are used in bodybuilding competitions. However, whether you do it or not depends on the duration of the tournament, the number of competitors present and the level of competition. Learn the difference between them and try to maximize each position to make your muscles look as big and tight as possible.

The quarter turn

The position you need to learn and what you probably need to do in competitions is the quarter turn. Typically, it will be used by you for the first review, and you must be able to do it well. Remember that the first impression is important and that the judges and the public take a close look.

How to do the quarter turn:

  • Start with a half-relaxed front in a position facing the judges. Your arms should be at your sides, and you can get a bit tense, but try to look as relaxed as possible.
  • Then turn and look to the right.

Technically, one should look to the right, but most bodybuilders rotate their upper body slightly to show their abdominals, chest, and shoulders. Once you have done this, turn around and look back to reveal the muscles of your back and legs. Take the opportunity to show and bow your calves.

  • Finally, turn right again to show the other side of your body. Again, you may want to turn to show your torso.
  • Having finished the quarter of return in the position in which it started, the judges will ask you to leave, and the next participant will have a turn.

The other positions you may want to learn are the front and back biceps, the extension of the front and backbeats, the lateral triceps, the lateral chest, and finally the frontal position of the abdomen and thighs. In most competitions, you are likely to demand a more muscular attitude. This is essentially the position that shows you the best light to impress the jurors. Depending on the type of competition you are participating in, you may need to conduct a free presentation session during which you will need to perform a presentation routine for the music of your choice.


If you choose competitive bodybuilding, you should read the rules and regulations of the event before registering to make sure that you are adequately prepared and practice your presentation regularly.

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