Chest and Shoulder Workout

chest workout stretch

Chest and shoulder exercises should play an important role in any workout plan. Having strong chest muscles (pectoral muscles) will enhance your posture and strengthen your back. When you push a door open or push a couch, your chest muscles are used. The shoulder joint is the most flexible joint in the body, so the […]

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Arm and Shoulder Workouts

dumbbell side raises

Arm and shoulder workouts can be done at home with or without the support of dumbbells or weights. Dumbbells are perfect for toning or increasing muscle mass.   The arms and shoulders are a delicate body part, even if the intention is not to build mass, it is good to carry out exercises that tone […]

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A Great Home Shoulder Workout

You can’t avoid a shoulder workout if you want to get that coveted V-shape. You need to broaden out up top or you may end up with a body that is not proportionate. If you want that perfect body, you should work out your shoulders.   The truth is that should exercise is not all about […]

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Dumbbell Shoulder Workout

dumbell shoulder workout

To build strength, all you need is a pair of dumbbells. They are safe to use and great for progression. You can start with light dumbbells and gradually work up to heavier ones. Dumbbells are accessible and easy to use. Most gyms have them in many different weights for you to choose from. If you […]

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