Building A Proper Bodybuilding Nutrition Program

Building A Proper Bodybuilding Nutrition Program

Building A Proper Bodybuilding Nutrition Program

In bodybuilding, the key is proper diet and exercise. Bodybuilding is not only for those who want to lose weight, but also for those who want to gain muscle definition and mass. Physique athletes and bodybuilders are mocked for obsessing over diet plans and exercise routines. We weigh foods, count calories, and try to break down meals into smaller ones. However, proper bodybuilding nutrition and planning is the key element in a successful bodybuilding routine.There is a science to what we eat to build muscle, shred off unwanted fats, and build the best physique appropriate for every individual. A group of scientists and researchers specialize in research to understand proper bodybuilding nutrition. The studies have developed several methods and have proven to be effective throughout the years.

Body build-up

There must be nutrient-dense food which is rich in vitamins and minerals, and fiber-rich food included in the diet. These are not only good for the health but are also essential for muscle growth. Green leafy vegetables are also a must every day. Top athletes and bodybuilders consider food as their fuel in their daily workout. Food is better when it is in its natural state.


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While amino acids are the building blocks of protein, in turn, protein builds up the muscle. An individual’s needs vary from another. For instance, a minimum of 30-40 grams of protein is the amount that is optimal in muscle-building. From there, the amount will go up or down depending on the person’s body weight.There are different suggestions on how many times a person must eat in a day. However, some suggestions are not applicable to everyone. People have varying needs, lifestyle, and preferences and eating habits. I recommend eating  4-5 times a day and making sure that each meal contains enough protein in it. You should always go for high-quality proteins.In between those meals, branched-chain amino acids work wonders in bodybuilding. Leucine is a type of branch-chain amino acid and bodybuilders need about 3 grams of it per serving. It is equivalent to 30-40 grams of protein coming from regular meals. Leucine is also present in supplements, snacks, and shakes specially made for bodybuilders.

Sources of Protein

milk protein bodybuilding
Dairy is one of the most important sources of protein in our diet. Studies tell us that those who include more dairy products in their diet are healthier, leaner, and more muscular. Dairy products in their natural state have these three macronutrients: fats, carbohydrates, and protein. The amount of macronutrients you need depend on how the dairy products are filtered or processed. Whey and casein are also important components of milk protein which are also important in muscle-building and maintaining good health.Aside from dairy products, animal-based sources such as eggs, lean meats (beef, chicken, and turkey) are also great sources of protein. The same is true with salmon, which, aside from protein, is also an excellent source of omega-3 acid.Although protein supplements help, food is still the best source when in it comes to overall nutritional impact. Food that has not been processed and retains most of the essential nutrients is still the best option.


Apart from protein, carbohydrates are also important to give energy to the body. Again, the proper amount of carbohydrate intake depends on how hard a person trains. For instance, a person who trains three times a week would require more energy as compared to another who trains twice a week.

Carbohydrate sources

During workouts, it is important to eat the right types of food that will keep your stomach full. Low to moderate glycemic carbohydrates are the best options which can be taken from sweet potatoes and oatmeal. On the other hand, high-glycemic carbohydrates will give you a sugar rush but will quickly lower down, leaving a person hypoglycaemic and starving. Blood sugar will lower down and a person can lose focus and energy on the training.It is recommended to maintain a ratio of 5:1 or lower between carbohydrates and fiber. For example, a loaf of bread containing 20 grams of carbohydrates and 5 grams of fiber has a ratio of 4:1. It is a ratio within the suggested range.After a workout, eating a meal with high-glycemic carbohydrates and lower fiber is advised. This will replenish the reserves of the body’s carbohydrates. However, during other times, the carbohydrate and fiber intake must be balanced.

Power Breakfasts

After waking up, it’s perfectly okay to include a little bit more fat like eating whole eggs for breakfast. Oatmeal and yogurt also contains carbohydrates and lots of fiber. There are many people who try to eliminate carbohydrates but for those who train hard, carbohydrates are very critical.


water for bodybuilding
The human body is composed of 70% water. On regular days, I drink 8-10 glasses of water. However, when doing training, the human body requires more. To illustrate, in a CrossFit workout, training may be done in a room without air conditioning and profuse sweating is expected. A person can lose about a liter of fluid which is equivalent to losing a couple of pounds.However, losing that amount of fluid also means losing electrolytes and sodium, which are required by the body to function normally. Cells get smaller when they are dehydrated. Any fluids lost during the workout should be replenished to maintain the body’s performance and overall good health.Replacing with water is not enough. Studies show that drinking distilled water will take away more electrolytes when urinating. I recommend that you drink regular water. Adding a bit of salt in the water will help in replenishing the lost electrolytes.

Cheat Eating

cheat eating for bodybuilders
While strictly following your bodybuilding nutrition plan is recommended, there is nothing wrong with a slight deviation from your meal plan at times. There is a lot of mental stress that is associated with religiously following a meal plan. Try to schedule a cheat day, so you can utilize it as a release valve to recover. I found that this method actually helps in making a person stick to the overall training program.


It can be very difficult to start with training and changing meal preferences since it also means totally changing one’s lifestyle. There are no shortcuts in training. There must be a lot of discipline and patience involved. Depending on the program suggested by the nutritionist and the trainer, some training may take months. The entire training can be very demanding. It would require a lot of focus, dedication, consistency and determination.It is best to consult with a trainer and a nutritionist first who can best recommend a proper diet and workout plan suited to a person. You should also recommended to talk to a doctor to make sure that strenuous physical activities and a bodybuilding nutrition program diet will not be detrimental to your overall health. 
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