3 Ways That You Can Add More Bodybuilding Protein Into Your Diet

3 Ways That You Can Add More Bodybuilding Protein Into Your Diet


3 Ways That You Can Add More Bodybuilding Protein Into Your Diet

Getting bigger and adding muscle mass is a very big part of bodybuilding. Have you ever considered what you can do to get your body in the best shape possible? You will find that you can do a lot of things that would be common sense, but you also need to learn how to add bodybuilding protein to your diet. Always go for the best possible results for your body. You will start to feel very good because you have a new body that you built out of hard work. I always feel confident to show off or compete because of how big my body became.

Start With Bodybuilding Protein

Bodybuilding protein is the very first thing that you need to take care of so that you can get your body to start to grow. You will find that you can add a lot of weight really fast. When you're packing the protein on,  you need to find the different exercises that will keep your body in the best shape. The only way to do this effectively is to break up your proteins into a few different categories. Every thing that you do will make your body much healthier, and you need to know how you can get your body to completely change.

     1. Eat More Protein

You need to have a very lean protein at every meal. A lot of people like fish and pork because of how little fat is on it. You can eat salmon at every meal and still be pretty happy with the way your meals taste, because it is very easy to add vegetables to your salmon. Cooking salmon can be done in a lot of different ways. Get more protein in your diet just because you chose to eat so much of it. You also have to be sure that you have planned how much of it you are eating. If you are only having one big meal, you need to make your portions bigger. If you are having a big lunch and dinner, you need to be sure that you have a smaller portion at each.

Types of Protein

Whey Protein
whey powder
Whey is probably the most well known protein by weight lifters. It helps encourage muscle growth and sometimes fat loss. It can absorbed a lot quicker than other proteins. People tend to drink it in shakes and right after a good workout. Whey usually comes in powdered form, and is about 20% milk.
 Milk Protein
milk protein
Milk has about 3 percent protein in it. Milk also has the 9 vital amino acids we need. Don’t worry there are plenty of ways to get this type of protein. It can come in protein bars and almost all shakes. The other way to get it is just by drinking natural milk from your everyday grocery store. Milk can be a game-changer in your protein packed diet.
 Egg Protein
egg protein
Did you know in the average large egg there is 6 grams of protein? Eggs also contain all the vital amino acids necessary for protein synthesis. Apparently 6 grams is 11% of men’s daily intake of protein, but that’s not for bodybuilders. Scientists also have started dismissing claims of eggs having a role in heart problems. With all that being said eggs are definitely a good source of protein. Especially if you eat them with your everyday breakfast.

Regular Meat Protein
Chicken 4oz, 36g of protein Beef 4oz, 28g of protein Fish(salmon) 3oz, 22g of protein Turkey 100g, 22g of protein

    2. Replace Meals

You can add protein to your diet really easily by just replacing meals. There are a lot of people who are going to find that they can make their shakes every day to have for breakfast and lunch. It takes seconds to do this, and it makes you a lot healthier. Imagine getting nothing but lean calories into your body, and you can go on about your workout. You might never have tried meal replacements, but this stuff really works. You feel good because all you did was drink a shake, and you just go on about your day as if all you did was have a glass of milk. It is simpler than anything else you can do for these meals.

Lift Carefully

bodybuilding lift

You have to be sure that you use a special back brace so that you can lift safely. Be sure that you have planned to lift in different ways that will make your body that much healthier and stronger. Target your arms one day, pecs another day, and legs another day. You will make slow progress on each part of your body. I find that it is much easier to keep up with your program because you are not stressing your body out so much.

Get Some Cardiovascular Work In

You need to have some kind of cardiovascular conditioning if you wish to remain in good shape. Cardio is easy just go for a run or swim. You might not have noticed that many people do this! Just because you do not see them do it at the gym, doesn't mean it's not happening. You have to be sure that you have figured out what they are doing that you would want to do. This is not going to make you build muscle mass, but it is going to help you have all the energy that you need to build muscle mass. You will improve a lot faster because you are in good overall shape.

Reduce Stress

Your body cannot improve if you are stressed all the time. You have a lot of things that are very hard to do if you are stressed! Don't let yourself drown in stress. Even if you are working out, you are not in good enough condition to have what anyone would consider a proper workout. You will start eating poorly, and you will not make the gains that you were hoping to make. It makes sense for you to take breaks, calm yourself at the end of the day, and make sure you get on a routine that helps your body acclimate to this new lifestyle.

   3. Use Protein Supplements Where Possible

You might have just gone out to have a shake with some friends, but most places will actually sell you some kind of protein booster that will make it much easier for you to get the protein you need into your shake. I always feel great because I've done so much work during the day. Now I can support my muscle growth by adding supplement protein in my diet. You can go back to the gym the next day ready to workout and add more muscle mass to your body.

Continue Lifting

You can always improve, by staying consistent. People who are lifting consistently will always see some kind of small gain. You may not have the best gain of all time, but you will see results. The gains you get will make your body feel and look better. You can see it in the mirror, and you cannot get complacent by stopping because you think you have reached the mountaintop.


You can add muscle mass to your body every day! Make sure that you try all these techniques to make your body look great. Each thing that you do makes you feel like you are in much better shape. You will begin to notice that you are seeing consistent gains. If you want to look and feel your best while having a lot of muscles to show off, follow the blueprint above.

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