What Is Cardio?

what is cardio?

What is Cardio Training? Cardio training is an exercise in which the main major muscle groups are used for a longer and uninterrupted period of time. Cardiovascular training is characterized by the fact that it increases your heart rate considerably above your resting heart rate. Examples of cardiovascular training include energetic activities such as brisk […]

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A Simple Triceps Workout With Dumbbells

triceps workout

&nbsp A tricep workout with dumbbells, when done correctly, are among the best exercises you can do for your triceps. The tricep muscle is the arm’s most significant muscle, even though many people believe the bicep is the arm’s most important muscle. That’s the reason most people work hard on their biceps and ignore their […]

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How To Stay Motivated To Workout At Home

workout at home

&nbsp So I’m assuming that you had some workouts at home that you wanted to try. You have the space and even some weights and a pull-up bar to exercise. You bought everything a respectable home gym needs. You are now ready to train. You know you will become slim and muscular, and the women […]

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The Best Weight Loss Diet & Tips

The complications and risks associated with obesity are scary. For people who are obese, their chances of having illnesses and diseases related to their weight are very high. Some of the major health concerns are diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and cancer. &nbsp Although people who are obese face many challenges, there are many weight loss […]

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How To Strengthen Your Hip Flexors

&nbsp Hip flexors are muscles that allow you to lift your knees. These muscles are necessary for walking, running, kicking, and any other activity that requires raising the knees. How do you strengthen your hip flexors? Strengthening these muscles is very simple, but it requires a little effort. Common exercises on how to improve your […]

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